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Sourcing: Researching good products and sites UPDATED

Consult and Mini Style by Rachael Honner

I’ve got a couple of design projects in the works at the moment and I’ve been busy researching and sourcing beautiful things. I thoroughly enjoy the discovery of finding new products & useful websites… and I certainly do my homework, so I thought that I’d share a few of those with you.

Gather Photographic print by Kara Rosenlund. Styling and Photography by Kara Rosenlund

I am loving Kara Rosenlunds latest lifestyle collection for the home. I particularly love her goat hide cushions, prints and rugs. I like them because they are timeless wares, that can easily be key pieces for the home. Key items for the home are tricky to find and identify these days, here’s how I choose them;

  1. The product will last for year(s)
  2. The item is available in natural tones and fibres that blend beautifully with any style home or trends.
  3. They are well made goods which help achieve a high end look.

 My gut instinct is that this range will continue grow both in size and popularity. We’re so very lucky to have Kara’s designs available here in Australia!

I also like to recommend Brave Agency (who work solely with designers and stylists like myself). Currently on their books are the following brands MRD Home, Tantra Collection and Bisque. If you’re wanting a stylist to work on your home and need assistance sourcing key items please get in touch here.


Hastings Credenza by Green Cathedral

It would be sinful not to recommend Green Cathedral simply because all of their beautifully made furniture is designed and manufactured in Noosa, Australia. They too are great for Australian design and offer a greener way for us to source furniture.


Modern Buffet by West Elm

West Elm also offer good quality pieces. I feel confident about recommending their furniture designs to clients. West Elm also deliver their furniture assembled which is great because it helps me provide a useful service to my clients.

I also recommend King Living because they have always delivered to my clients in a hassle free manner and Ikea because you can get some great eco designs that are super well priced.

That’s all for today – I do heart blogging on a Friday as it kind of makes my day that extra – sparkly. Do Have a lovely weekend!

Rach x



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  1. Sally Scarce says:

    Thank you so much for mentioning us Rachael. We would love the chance to work with you on your upcoming projects.
    Sal & Tim
    Green Cathedral