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[su_heading]MYTH DUSTING![/su_heading]

Have you ever watched Mythbusters? All geek-iness aside, I really like that concept of separating myth from fact or fiction.

Consumerism can often sway our perceptions on what it takes to make a beautiful home… It can be overwhelming because we feel our homes are never quite perfect or good enough.

 How fabulous would it be, if there was a TV program for myth busting misconceptions on what it takes to make a beautiful home? One that was truthfully based on real life family budget’s and preferably with no 7 day makeover-miracles insight. Would you watch it??

When compared – I know that simple, great- styling on a budget will always give luxury a sincere run for its money. I do really believe a great home is all about how it is put together! We could call it Myth Dusting. “Yoo – hoo Foxtel (I’m waving :-)), obviously I would need to check my schedule…. however, it is possible that I could make myself available to consult on this particular project”…. hee he just saying. All jokes aside, maybe you too would like to join me?? What home-myth would you like to bust?

[su_heading]Here are my top 7 attributes for a beautiful home; some of these may surprise you![/su_heading]

  1. Firstly the people who live within a home – will always add more character, beauty and depth than anything you can purchase
  2. A beautiful home is always well lived in and loved by its occupants
  3. A home should reflect the personalities of the people who live in it
  4. A great home is always about the love that’s been shown to it and never about the expense. *FYI the small things we do/ achieve definitely count!
  5. Time and energy is needed to style a home well; a stylist can also work wonders with nothing, save you money and help you fall in love with your home!
  6. Never underestimate a good colour palate- it will create mood and tie the many different elements of a room / house together. And lastly
  7. Space, organisation and proportion is a hugely important consideration for every room. Big chunky things look great in spacious rooms and smaller sized /fewer pieces can make a room appear more spacious than it actually is.

Now, have you thought of a home- myth we could bust? Do tell me – lets dust it!

Rachael x

3 Responses so far.

  1. Amanda says:

    “styling on a budget will always give luxuriance a sincere run for its money” This is so very true!!

  2. Rachael says:

    Think styling is quite magical like that Amanda! And probably one of the reasons we do what we do xx

  3. Les Ananas says:

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