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Seven ways to give your outdoor space more style.



Finding the time to give love and attention to all of your spaces at home, can feel unrealistic and an over daunting task for many. And because of this “Outdoor Spaces” are one of those areas often overlooked. I totally understand why this happens and why it can seem like hard work so let’s break down those key styling – elements in order to “nail the look of your outdoor space at home”. That said, here are seven simple ways to give your space a quick zoosh and makeover.

  • 1. Style it, like you would any other room: Give your outdoor space a little love and attention and it will love you back in return.
  • 2. Define your colour palette: I’ve noticed that choosing a colour palette is a tricky area for my clients and it need not be.

Try workshopping the following inspiration tools; 1. Play: I personally enjoy playfully mixing it up with a good few colours however I usually limit 2-3 specific tones as being the stars of the show; the other tones that I use are natural or less dominating tones. 2. Keep trying: If your colour palette doesn’t work at first, keep workshopping it until it does. 3. Mix warm and cool tones together: I generally use a mix of warm and cool tones together so that my space avoids being too overly cool or warm. 4. Choose colours that you love: Interior fashions will always come and go, therefore I recommend choosing colours that you have a connection to and mean something to you.

Some ways to be inspired by colour are the following; 1.Draw on inspiration from nature, this may be via favourite place or location like the beach or countryside. 2. Look over your favourite travel – photographs 3. Is there a particular artist or artwork that inspires you? 4. Do you have a signature colour? Perhaps an colour expert or stylist could help you pair it with other beautiful tones?

Tip: Get to know the colours you warm to via paint samples cards and test pots. I always blue tack sample cards to the wall and I spend a little time pondering how i feel about these colours in my space.

  • 3. Make it cosy: Winter is the perfect time to get warm & cosy and you can’t beat having a special – outdoor – space to retreat to armed with a warm rug and good book. I recommend adding the following simple accessories to your outdoor space; a blanket, throw and great cushions. Spending time in your outdoor space with these simple decor items will be a therapeutic and relaxing activity to do.

Tip: I usually bring my cushions indoors each day so that they do not spoil care of the great outdoors but they can also easily be stored or covered in storage if need be, by using baskets, wood boxes and drop sheets.



▪ 4. Add varying levels of interest: Every space needs balance and spatial harmony, this can be easily addressed by breaking your space down into three sections.

Floor space: Think about how you can improve and like your floor space more. Does it need a rug?

Tip: Rugs are great because they hide a multitude of imperfections along with ugly flooring. Rugs also help define a space, add warmth and texture. A rug will also help ground your furniture, to avoid that floating/ unfinished look.

Mid range: This area is where we can easily and inexpensively go crazy with colour, pattern, textures and varying shapes through cushions, throws and accessories. Remember that you don’t need to have too many stars of the show as light and shade is important on a detailed level too.

Tip: Your empty and less important area’s will always play an important role in achieving a balanced space. The varying heights of your decor items also add interest, tall things placed next to short items are great match.

The overhead region: When outdoors, think of this area in terms of giving it love, light and interest. This need not always be an expensive pendant light or artefact, sometimes the humble hanging planter with a beautifully textured or coloured pot with a an interesting plant will suffice.

▪ 5. Mix your old with your new: Don’t rush out and buy all new accessories in order to make over your space. Think of your old things as being the objects that add soul and your new items as giving your space a modern style edge.

Tip: Pops of colour, varying textures and mixing your accessories are great ways to help blend eras.

▪ 6. Mix your shapes: I’m always chit-chatting about the importance of this one because it’s one of the most common decor/ design mistakes I see in homes. Thankfully it is usually one the most easily fixed too! A room where the furniture and accessories are all the same shape, will appear overcrowded, impractical and just kind of wrong. A variety of shapes within in a space will help improve the functionality and overall look of a space immediately.

Tip: Don’t have too many decor items that are rectangles, think round, oval or some other geometrical shape to achieve spatial balance.

▪ 7. Add Plants: Lastly adding plant life and greenery helps your outdoor space blend with your surrounds more organically. It also adds interesting shape and texture to enhance the wow factor.







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  1. These are all simple and very effective suggestions. Great tips!

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