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I’ve been giving my plants a little – love and attention this morning, ours only need a quick few drops of water as they’re a hardy bunch. I always choose drought tolerant plants to decorate my home because there is much – less chance of me accidentally killing them. I figure this is best because when a plant doesn’t quite make it, I actually feel kind of bad and a tad guilty… guilty, like Iv’e been a really naughty owner / plant – mummy. 

I also like to go on holidays every now and then and it’s nice to know my tough – nut plants will happily work with me on that one! 

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I have personally found plants like succulents, palms, ivy, zee – zee plant, air and ponytail plants to be the easiest to look after… Some of these you can practically neglect, which I love!

Zee Zee plants, also named Zamioculcas zamiifolia are particularly amazing because during summer they like to be watered once a month and in winter, once every two months. They don’t like too much sun or light but are a really cute looking plant. Drought resistant plants require so little output from us, for so, so much beauty in return!

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Plants add oodles of soul to our homes because they’re living, growing evolving beings compared to empty – vessels or decor items which eventually date or we grow tired of. They’re also a fantastic diversion away from imperfections by creating “amplified wow factor” within our spaces. The bedroom pictured above looks gorgeous; those green plants are absolutely the stars of the show and they make that bed look like a really – cosy place to be!

Image via Pinterest and Tidy House

The rich – green tones of plants also create a real sense of calm for us at home, we feel peaceful around them and they could therefore be described as mood – enhancing – shrubs of the non illegal kind. How about you? What plants do have at your home? Do you have a fave plant or recommendation? And I wonder, do you think that your indoor – plants contribute to making you happier at home?

Rach x


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  1. Oh you are so a girl after my own heart. I have gone nuts with plants in the house lately – and I love how calm they seem to make our home feel. I have no idea how or why – but they just do xx

    • Oh love it!!! I’m about to go nuts too Sonia… I just need to decide on the right pot. I’m on the hunt as Im planning to bring one of our algarve’s in from the yard. Fingers I find it. Have a gorgeous week lovely xx

  2. I love the whole idea of bringing the green in. Since I haven’t killed my vegie patch yet my greening may be happening soon. Thanks for the inspo. xx

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