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Spreading cheer at Christmas time!

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Driving around Brisbane yesterday with my two smalls in the back of our car, I was reminded that Christmas can be a crazy busy time of year. People are busy rushing around, getting stressed in traffic, grumpy – at their massive to do lists and the lack of car spaces available. Sometimes it all seems to be at odds with how Xmas should be! Anyhoo, all this busy-ness got me thinking about small things that could make Christmas more enjoyable for everyone- maybe more relaxed even and I thought I would share some:

  • I personally love to see merry – happy people who smile at each other; I don’t think you have to know the other person, do you?? – It’s just nice to be friendly and spread some cheer.

  • Could give a little something to those less fortunate than you. It makes your heart feel kind of good and it will give people faith that there are people in this world who care.

  • Give something without wanting anything in return.

  • Listen to some Christmas carols; some of them even make me a little teary but I can be a softy like that.

  • Bake something merry. My merry baking adventures are often complete flops – but paired with a glass of vino it does make me feel rather merry ;-).

  • Chat to someone you wouldn’t normally talk to.

  • Be less grumpy in the car.

  • Be extra merry to peeps working in shops; it must be so very busy for them too.

  • Improvise, make do and less is always more!

Have you any suggestions to add to this list? What puts the merry in your Christmas??

Rachael xx

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  1. Don’t forget the road rage at the school drop off. Christmas is so busy, everyones in such a rush. Gorgeous pics.

    • Rachael says:

      I hear you Yvette, school drop offs can be scary la. Am out shopping again today, ha just reminded myself to not be so busy and smile. Tis not easy šŸ™‚

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