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Hang a simple wreath above your bed

Image Sourced via Pinterest – Pottery Barn


Have you got your Xmas on now? My boys and I put our Christmas tree up on Sunday- everybody helped decorate it and I am very happy to announce that I did not change a thing. Such restraint on my part :-), don’t you think? I truthfully quite liked everyone’s contributions and I am thinking that, either my little men are getting better at interior styling or I am just learning to enjoy the doing more over the perfection side of things. Either way, it’s all a bit lovely and merry around here!


Image sourced by Hip Brown- Styling Rachael Honner

I recently wrote a post about Dried Flora and decorating it has prompted me to think about Christmas decor and the bedroom. One of my lovely Insta pal’s quite liked my Banksia bunting for an Australian Christmas celebration- you can see the image I am talking about above. I think a lil Banksia bunting is a lovely Xmas – decor idea too! The extent of our Christmas decorating would normally not go beyond our living area however I am thinking some subtle and tasteful additions to our bedroom’s might also be a joyful even soulful thing too. 

[gn_heading style=”1″]TEN CHRISTMAS IDEAS FOR THE BEDROOM: [/gn_heading]

  • Hang some dried flora bunting- for an Australian themed Christmas maybe use a Banksia or wattle flower
  • Make a stick – driftwood Christmas tree wall decoration
  • Hang some baubles from the ceiling like pendant lights
  • Put up a wreath over your bedhead
  • Hang some handmade Christmas art- maybe a wooden cross
  • Have a small Christmas tree in a pot plant on your bedside table
  • Put up some indoor Christmas lights
  • Using Snow spray stencil some small snowflakes on your bedroom windows.
  • Hang some Christmas stockings as wall art
  • Throw a subtle- Xmas pillow in with your everyday pillows / bed- linen.



Image sourced via Pinterest- Pottery Barn


A spot of Xmas decorating would also be gorgeous touch for a guest’s bedroom too. If you happen to get into the spirit of “Christmas decor and the bedroom” at your house, I would love to hear about it.

Rachael xx

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  1. Sam says:

    Fabulous inspiration, thank you. I have one set of fairy lights left over from our decorating this year & now I’m off to string them up over our bed…. such a gorgeous idea. Sam x

  2. I LOVE the idea of hanging ornaments above the bed. I actually hadnt thought of decorating the bedroom, but I like it 😉 xx

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