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I’m sharing a quick but heartfelt 3 with you all today;

1. HOME: I found some cute definitions for the word “home” to share with you all; 

I think they are all very valid definitions however this one has to be my absolute favourite;  

Be it ever so humble, it’s more than just a place. It’s also an idea—one where the heart is.

It resonates! Now tell me, how would you define your home if I asked you? Don’t be shy!

2. THANKYOU: I am also loving the nod of approval that Houzz AU is showing Australian Design Bloggers by sharing their At Home Series. Special thanks to Jenn Drew as your stories are such a gorgeous read – I have also loved learning more about these talented ladies;

I do think Australian bloggers should be very proud of their hard work and talents, it’s is so very lovely to see!

I also wrote a post about Houzz AU here if you would like to learn more about this wonderful platform designed especially for home enthusiasts, renovators and industry – professionals. You will love Houzz and allow me to pre-warn you by saying that it’s totally “addictive”.

3. PEACE IS EVERYTHING: Lastly peace and love is everything #i’llridewithyou

Rachael xx


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  1. LOVE these definitions my beautiful friend and you are so right Peace and love IS everything. Peace and love to you and yours hun xx

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