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The enormous green – cactus – tree from Paddington

Good Morning,

I had a prepared an entirely different post for you all today… unfortunately due to moving my website to a better host provider, my draft for this weeks post was deleted. In all honesty, I apologise if that sounds allot like the dog ate my homework. It kind of did.

Writing this specific styling piece was a tad technical and involved a couple of in-depth writing sessions so you can imagine my frustration at it disappearing into the ether.

Instead, let’s enjoy that it’s Friday today… and I will share this beautiful tree – cactus I stubbled upon in Paddington with you. I was in awe of its height and beauty! Offcourse I was totally bustard photographing it (as you do) however the lovely lady who lived at the home called me over and we had a quick natter about its history. This cactus had been planted long before the house was built.

This cactus had such presence the architect / building designer designed the home around it. I love that it’s so close to their verandah!

You could literally have wine in hand and reach out and touch its big beautiful branches. It provides such great privacy for this home too! Although I can’t help but wonder, how many people like myself drive by this home with their neck cranked to the side and jaw on ground?

Discovering old school cacti of this enormity is rare in Brisbane. I’d love to plant a cactus tree just like this one so that my family could enjoy its beauty for decades to come.

Happy Shiny Friday!


3 Responses so far.

  1. Lauren says:

    Wow stunning. We have one down the road from us as well, and i admire it every time I walk past it.

  2. They’re such strong beauties. Wish I had one this old and tall!

  3. Wow, enormous indeed! Beautiful. Never thought it could grow that tall. A cactus this big will surely be a stunner to any garden.