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[su_heading size=”14″ align=”left”]IT’S NOT ALWAYS FLUFFING PILLOWS AND VIGNETTES![/su_heading]

I realise I haven’t really talked a great deal about my “styling work” here on my blog since I moved websites & started my styling business. There are a few reasons for this; 

  • Firstly, I wanted my blog to have its own identity and voice apart from my business – the original style of Hip Brown Things (My first blog) remains important to me and I am committed to making it into everything I dream for it.


  • many of the jobs that I do are not necessarily about me or my style but other people’s style. And


  • because I mostly work with the décor people already own, I feel that it’s not always appropriate to broadcast someone else’s belongings in great detail across the internet – not everyone has an appreciation for social media and I respect that. Sometimes having a house styled is actually quite an emotional undertaking for a client – I do feel like I help them over emotional hurdles at times and it does not always feel appropriate to then say “Ok now can I take a photo of that?”.

[su_heading size=”14″ align=”left”]THE JOY OF HELPING[/su_heading]

One of the things that has surprised me since starting my own business is the rewards you reap on a personal level – I’m simply talking about the joy of being able to help someone. I do think that part of being a good stylist is being able to be supportive and caring towards your client;

  • Sometimes it may involve empowering a client to help them find their own personal style. People can often feel stuck – unable to make decor decisions because they worry they will get it wrong or that it may involve too much expense. So they leave it – fear is a tricky one and I like to help with this!


  • Sometimes it involves assistance with a major de-clutter – helping people let go of things that are making their lives feel cluttered and busy. It’s not always easy to get rid of personal belongings – I have found that this is especially true for the elderly –  I do understand because at different stages of our lives, life is full of those catch 22’s. 

[su_heading size=”14″ align=”left”]THE PSYCHOLOGY BEHIND THE STYLING[/su_heading]

Selling a house can actually be a painful / stressful time for many people – maybe they are going through a divorce, are recently widowed or perhaps a client is not ready to sell their house but financially needs to. I have learned, that behind every house being sold there is a story to be mindful of – simple things like removing family photos can actually be a hugely emotional thing for a person to do. I will admit to sometimes having been a “naughty stylist” where I have allowed a client one or two photos in an inconspicuous place because those photos are a connection to love and family that reminds that person on a daily basis that they are loved. Hmm, a by the book – stylist I may not be but I do feel I bring many other things to the table. Every Stylist has their own unique & valid way of working – I personally am passionate about finding that specific balance where a house is beautifully styled but not clinically and suspiciously so. 

Whether I am giving someone’s home some simple love and attention, or styling a home for sale – I really do like to make aspects of peoples lives and environments better / easier. Looking back to one of my first posts here, I feel like I have begun this journey and found a comfortable path for this blogger, maker and stylist – in whatever order to continue to fluff pillows and create vignettes ;-). Lastly and by no means least, I so appreciate that you have joined me here along the way.

Rach xx








4 Responses so far.

  1. You are totally doing your calling hun. You have a heart so beautiful that wants to help people and the beauty is only matched by your impeccable style xx

  2. Alex says:

    Hi Rachel, your site is lovely and I was drawn to comment because I could really sense your personality and authenticity through your images and words. Something for me to take note as I am finding my own online voice in the early days of a new venture! Your words about the joy of helping rang so true – it’s connecting with people either face to face or ‘virtually’ that I am finding so fulfilling. Thanks x

    • Rachael says:

      Lovely to meet you Alex. Blogging can be so fulfilling as is connecting with like minded peeps – so good for the soul. Your venture sounds exciting!!! Rachael x

  3. Rachael says:

    Ha! You’re too kind Sonia – I am very capable of being a ol grump just like anyone but so appreciate your optimism lovely lady 🙂

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