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Cottage Ruins from the Yorke Penisula

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[gn_heading style=”1″]Beautiful Ruins[/gn_heading]


The above Vimeo is actually a flipagram I recently created after our recent trip to South Australia. Over that side of Australia, it is quite common to see cottage-ruins visibly abandoned and left to crumble away in crisp-golden fields – an unavoidable consequence of modern day farming methods and survival I suspect.

These ruins are still so beautiful in their state of disrepair and I truthfully feel pigeon and livestock poop do very little to tarnish their beauty. If only they too could easily be lifted on the back of a wide loader and be transported across the country on big wheels. I think I too would be raising my hand for one of these renovator delights.

The walls of this cottage in particular still carry such grace and after walking through this one, I do actually believe the spirit of a house lives on well after its occupants have left it. I am very interested to know if a stone cottage in disrepair with oodles of character albeit animal poop would be on your wish list too??

Rach xx


P.S I spotted the above whilst driving down town Adeliade…I’m not sure what it was advertising exactly. I do recognise it as a quote by Eleanor Roosevelt and I have officially decided to take it on board! It shouldn’t be too hard to achieve, should it?? I am bound to enjoy some company on this one so do let me know if you feel like playing along too! xx


2 Responses so far.

  1. Sam says:

    Oh yes please….. I would LOVE to take on one of those amazing ruins… how beautiful are those bones?! High ceilings to die for too…
    I need to do more scary things… & make more bold moves, thanks for the inspiration Rach xxxx

  2. Yes, going to be my motto for the year when I’m feeling a little stuck. I know, how stunning would those high ceilings be! I’d take her on in a flash too xx