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The Stylist’s Guide to Gumtree


A casual snap of our soon to be renovated home – Just the birds, Daphne and I at home today.

I often need to source decor items from a varied range of places and I will often use Gumtree to look for “unique finds”. I’m usually looking for a very specific piece of furniture to work with other decor items so I thought it would be helpful if I shared how I go about it. Here are simple search – methods that I use to discover cute finds on Gumtree.

[su_heading]SEARCH ROUND[/su_heading]

I adore, all things round in furniture design. And because of my keen interest in “Round”; I’ve also found that it’s a great descriptive word to use on gumtree, it always unearths fabulous things. I simply enter the word “Round” with “Furniture” as my category and then choose how many kilometres I’m willing to travel for my Gumtree find.

So, how far would you travel for a Gumtree find? I personally have embarked on a few road trips for worthy Gumtree finds. Brisbane is conveniently located in-between Noosa and Byron Bay; given the simple beauty of these locations alone, which ever direction my road trip takes me is a lovely adventure.

The following items were found on Gumtree via “Round”. A beautiful home will often have a mix of new and old decor items, therefore it’s important to work on trying to picture that magical – mix with your future Gumtree finds.


Round Chair



  • [su_heading]EXPLORE TO THE END OF YOUR PAGE SEARCH[/su_heading]

I also thoroughly look at every Gumtree listing found on every single page of my search, even the ones toward the back. I do this because Ive often found great listings towards the end of my search. Bear in mind, there are lots of reasons why certain items take a while to sell on Gumtree and will be found towards the back pages; Some of these might be;

  •  an inconvenient location,
  • the item is not considered pop culture or very now,
  • pricing issues or
  •  simply poor quality photo’s.

It’s best to not be too judgemental about your initial search on Gumtree. Be judgemental about what you buy BUT not necessarily how you search for it.


These Plants stands were listed in September of 2015, were found at the very end of my search and at the time of writing this post, were currently available. They’re are located in Cleveland which is about an hour away from Brisbane, they’re cute, right?

  • [su_heading]SEARCH MIDCENTURY[/su_heading]

Mid Century furniture is very fine lined furniture, most pieces from this era are designed beautifully with gorgeous line and shape and are also well made. I always find great – looking items under this category, you simply can’t go wrong. As a working stylist, I see allot of chunky style furniture which looks completely oversized in the majority of our lounge /living spaces so I am huge fan of this style of furniture. Comfort is important however proportion is our sense of well being within a space.



  • [su_heading]SEARCH CANE[/su_heading]

I am very partial to vintage cane, because of its beautiful line and how well it’s been made. Cane looks great paired with a more modern style furniture and accessories too.




  • [su_heading]SEARCH LOCATION[/su_heading]

I also do a blank search by leaving the “I am looking for” search area completely empty. I then type in “Furniture” and choose a suburb that could potentially be selling the kind if items I may be interested in. For example the following searches revealed the below items when I broadly entered Paddington and Ascot. FYI – Paddington and Ascot are very progressive suburbs in Brisbane, and are located not too far from the city. There is a huge chance I would potentially like something found in these locations, hmm having said that, there’s a huge chance I would like listings in most suburbs!



  • [su_heading]BUY and SELL[/su_heading]

Lastly, another cheeky Gumtree trick/ rule I use is… if I’m going to buy an item on Gumtree, I then sell an item on Gumtree too. I do this so that my house will never become too cluttered and the new item will also potentially pay for itself. This type of sourcing decor items is a fabulous way to shake things up at your home and keep it looking fresh.

If I have a little spare time I might also try the following categories, Vintage, Country, Textured, Leather, Lamps or Shelving. Do you have any favourites words or searches you like to use on Gumtree? If you do, please share with us below.