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Talking blogging and Megan Morton’s – Science of Styling



Yes, that’s a perky good morning to you all! Gosh no, I personally didn’t bounce out of bed on this chilly morning myself however, I do  love those days when you find a spring in your step for no reason at all. Don’t you? I figure, why not just be happy and grateful for the simple pleasures of life!

So, I have returned from my whirl wind trip to Sydney and yes I’m all crazy-inspired and feel that I have indeed learned many helpful things! I literally could not speak for the first few hours after the Science of Styling course because I truly just allowed myself to be a sponge. I purposely didn’t pre-plan what I wanted to get out of it because I am multi-passionate about doing many things and I wanted to get everything out of it! I hope that makes sense?? I do really appreciate Megan Morton’s philosophy of sharing all she knows – a firm believer in what you give in this world, you will always get back in abundance. I agree, don’t you? OMG Megan literally shared her pearls of wisdom all day – it was nonstop chatter which is amazing and the extra bonus is… she is funny!

I would recommend this course to any stylist, artist, styling enthusiast and blogger too. I say blogger simply because styling our blogs, our posts and images is something we all do on a daily basis regardless of our blog-subject matter.  Bloggers are required to wear so many crazy hats and make decisions like we are IT Specialists, Photographers, Stylists, Image Editors, Writers and Copywriter gurus. Having just said all of that- I wouldn’t have it any other way, would you? The truth is some days – I simply faux it as best I can! Megan Morton knows images, she knows the science behind attracting a reader / viewer and I am excited about putting such pearls of wisdom and beauty into action both around here and in my styling work…

Rachael x

P.S Naturally, this is not a sponsored post or a review- just an appreciation about learning!

8 Responses so far.

  1. oh lucky lucky you. Sounds like it was such an informative, fantastic day. thanks so much for sharing this with us. By the way, love your new blog look and I love all the hats we blogger wear.


  2. Mel says:

    Hi Rachael, great post, like you I enjoyed the class on Saturday. Things Megan passed on to us are constantly popping back into my head as I go about my day and I’m consciously incorporating them into my photography and styling!

    Stay fabulous


  3. Aggie Ryan says:

    So wonderful to benefit from the expertise of others … and I’m so excited for you Rachael! xx

  4. Rachael says:

    Aggie you are a dear! Firstly because you have the loveliest name ever and you are always such a lovely support. You are gorgeous xxx

  5. I would love to do her course. Love love love it. I do love people that share their knowledge and I totally believe in passing it on too xx

    • Rachael says:

      You would totally love it Sonia – it would suit your creative flare, OCD- (precise nature) and style. Yeah, pass it on is the only way to be xx

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