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[su_heading]PREPARING A HOME FOR SALE[/su_heading]


Property Styling – Stylist Rachael Honner


  1. Find a great Real Estate Agent to represent you and your home – You want your agent to be personable, highly approachable and willing to do the work needed to sell your home. Ideally they should also be someone that you feel you can trust and easily talk to. Interview a few agents and ask as many questions as you need! Also be willing to hear a realistic “estimated – price” for your home. If you would like help choosing an agent and you live in Brisbane, please feel free to call me on M)04037737379 and I will happily give you my recommendations.


  1. Be willing to do the work needed to get your home in ship shape order and ready to sell! – If you’re unable to do the work needed or choose not to – the reality is, that you will need to hire help to do it for you. It is important to be realistic about your to do list and what you physically have time to achieve.


  1. Hire a stylist to help you clarify what you need to do for your home in order to make it sale ready – Hiring a stylist really is a teeny – tiny investment to help you make money on your home! If necessary, a stylist may suggest that you need to hire some accessories or furniture to help your home achieve its full potential. Having said that, stylists are a resourceful bunch of people therefore feel free to chat about options that are available to you.


  1. Staging a home is a small fraction of the amount you would need to reduce the price of your home… so plan your sales – campaign well from the outset! 

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    Property Styling – Stylist Rachael Honner

  1. Plan Ahead – If staging your home is a necessity, then you need to allow at least 2 to 3 weeks in order for this to happen smoothly. Furniture warehouses are busy places and stock can be limited especially during the busy seasons. Furniture also needs to be carefully planned/ styled and carefully chosen – this takes time! If your home is a partial stage – make sure everything you need to contribute to your home is available to your stylist as planned.


  1. Commit to getting the work done – If there is work to be done on your home, commit to getting it done! Your campaign to sell your home won’t last forever, so dig deep, hire help where needed and get the work done.


  1. Maximise street appeal – Mow your lawn, weed the garden, sweep footpaths and wash down the outside walls of your home. If you wanted – you could also add pot-plants / plants to give your home extra appeal.


  1. Carry out any minor repairs needed on your home – Make sure any minor repairs are done to ensure buyers do not find any faults with your home e.g. leaking taps or blown light bulbs.

Property Styling – Stylist Rachael Honner

  1. Spring clean your home  This will not be as painful as you initially first believe and could potentially be very therapeutic. Pay special attention to walls, skirting boards, fans, lights, windows, window seals, light switches and picture rails. Have all carpets freshly shampooed.



  1. Declutter I understand that many find this a daunting task but it is important that potential buyers are able to see your home and there be space for them to imagine themselves and their belongings in your home. I have a number of helpful methods/ tricks available to personally assist with this process – you can find my contact details here.


  1. De-personalise your home – Remove family photos – so that your buyers are again free to envisage themselves living in your home.


  1. Set the scene  This is where my expertise comes in very handy, please visit my Services page to see how I can assist with this process – view it as an opportunity to really transform your home, to give it maximum appeal. *Properties that have been styled generally sell quicker and receive more favourable returns – I also enjoy working with the resources that you already own!


  1. Photographs are extremely important – Allow plenty of time for your home to be made sale – ready and styled before you schedule your photo shoot. Always use a professional photographer and ask to see examples of their work beforehand. Photos are your window to the world – if your photos aren’t great, you will not attract potential buyers to your home!


  1. Lastly, take good care of yourself  ask for support from friends and family where needed… It will make the journey of selling your home, a much easier and more enjoyable experience.

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