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Tour of my studio, the one found inside our garage.


Cushions by Megan Isabella Design. Styled and photographed by Rachael Honner


Studios can be interesting kind of spaces so I thought that I’d do a tour of my humble – studio so that you can see how it functions. My studio is part of a multipurpose space, lots of things happen here. For example, it is also home to our car, ute, ride on lawn mower and my three storage cupboards, full of props and accessories hire. My hubby also has an office here for the odd day he works from home (far left – not seen). We popped all of my storage cupboards on wheels so that they were easily moved away for shoot days. I adore living rurally because for me personally, space delivers possibilities.


I sanded the cement floor by hand and sprayed a few square metres of it with a gloss spray. I don’t mind a little hard work and quite enjoy getting my hands dirty when I can. I like that, this very simple application has given the cement floor a slightly polished look!


Just between you and I, Ive lost count as to how many cushions I own. Hello, my name Rachael and I’m am a cushion addict! I actually hire them out for my property styling jobs but I do find that it’s kind of hard to part with them. It’s true, every single cushion I own is treasured… I even get exited to see them after each home sells! Tell me that’s kind of normal, right? Everyone loves their cushions??


This is the props cupboard which “ahem” is well overdue for an organise and tidy up. Ha, I’m clearly “keeping it real” on here for you guys…

BLog06I painted the studio wall in deluxe Angel Face for my last prop styling job. I will paint it back to white again soon. I also have plans to make this studio space bigger. I would like it to be at least a decent sized bedroom if possible.


There are a couple of main areas that allow the light into this space. The biggest area is the garage door and then there are two other doors which I can open. I also use white curtains to throw the light back onto the subject I’m shooting and light reflecting boards too. I also need a sunny day for this space to have enough light as too many shadows will make my image busy and hard to edit.

I do love having this space because it is unique and I also like the independence it brings. Having said that, it would be great to collaborate on some projects here too. I’m not a huge fan of doing it all, help and other ideas are always so useful! Below is an image of my studio in action, I adored every minute of this shoot for Megan Isabella Design. My pc monitor ended up having a colour tantrum mid editing job which was literally hours of frustration… thankfully my new iMac has resolved all that that now. Phew!


Cushions by Megan Isabella Design. Styled and Photographed by Rachael Honner

I hope you have enjoyed the tour of our multipurpose shed. Let’s chat soon.

Rachael x