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DIY Vertical garden for under $30




I hung a little fern on our wall. It is called a “Slender Bracken Fern”. I bought it from our local Native Nursery; do you have one in your area too? 

I simply planted the fern in a glass jar; I used coloured sand in the very bottom for a little drainage and then packed in planting-soil to surround the actual plant. I then used picture wire to wrap around the jar, twisted it several times and then made a loop so that it could be easily latched on to a wall hook. It’s a very simple project to do, and it looks very sweet. …I think I need one in our new bathroom too!



 There is something about planting plants or maybe it’s having nature around you in general, that is addictive…. The above project also inspired me to create a vertical garden on our balcony. Again, it was super easy to do and I think you could use any type of jars you have at home. I wrapped picture wire around both the jar and the lattice wall that surrounds our balcony but you could use hooks or even an old picture frame to do this on any wall at home. An old frame with added picture hooks would give your vertical garden a very fancy finish too!

I like the little jars in the top row best but I may change my mind once the ferns start to mature. Am I sounding like I have a green thumb yet?  



You could add some jute string too if you wanted to add extra sparkle.



Now, do remind me to water them… please.

Thank you!


  • In summer water your fern(s) every 2-3 days. Do not saturate/ or puddle the water on top of your jar- as this will eventually cause your fern’s roots to rot away. Just a light water will be enough! Sand/ pebbles in the bottom of your jar will help with drainage; they really only need a little dirt around them.


  • In winter, you will only need to water your fern once a week.


  • If you find that your fern is growing too big for your jars you could choose to trim it or use a bigger sized jar. A trim everynow and then will also help your fern stay healthy!


  • Keep an eye out for brown spots on your fern fronds as this could be an indication that your fern may need to be relocated. Ferns like a little sun but not direct sun/heat. They need shade too!


  • Fern’s like the indoors too; you just need to make sure that you do not over-water because they will not dry out as easily.

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  1. Hi Beautiful, just letting you know that I adore this idea and I have featured it on my site in my latest link magazine issue of The Beast – All That Is Beautiful. I hope you get some lovely visitors here. PS – I am loving the new site. xx

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