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When I first started this blog, a few moons ago now – I was the primary ideas person around here. This is obviously still the way things operate but I do feel there has been a slight shift and sometimes it’s my blog that determines a little of what goes on here… I really like that it’s beginning to have its own personality; it’s fun to work with other brands on projects (like below) and I think my home quite likes it too!


We won’t spend too much time here but lets have a quick look at THAT before shot.


As already mentioned here, life felt cluttered waking up to this view every day… renovating post war homes can be tricky like that! So naturally when Dulux were interested in working on a wall papering project together… I jumped at the chance.



Here is our new and lovely walk in wardrobe. We simply erected a ply wall, wall papered it in Dulux Paintable Wall Paper (linen), then painted it in Dulux Antique White and lastly framed it. This is Ben’s entrance to the walk in robe. I am quite proud of my hubby, he did a really gorgeous job of building and framing this wall. 


And this is my entrance. I cannot tell you how much nicer it is to wake up to this texture’y wall / view each day!


I also whipped up this quick shelfie.

*FYI -The brackets are from Bunnings and I sprayed them in metallic copper to give them more of a modern twist.

Thankyou Dulux for your beautiful Paintable Wallpaper and paint, it has been a pleasure to work with you! And lastly thankyou blog.


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  1. Oh wow! how clever are you. No seriously it looks freaking awesome. You so need to go on the block now you know 😉 xx

  2. Sasha says:

    LOVE! You are right, waking up to that bright space, would be so much more appealing than looking at the “things”. (Thinking of the horrendous state of our wardrobe and shuddering!)

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