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Wall Art/ Decor Ideas for the Modern Contemporary Home!


 I am gathering potential wall- decor ideas from Pinterest for the Modern- Contemporary style home today because I think it would be a really useful post/ resource for me to have on my blog for both myself and others to refer to. 

Do you happen to live in a Modern Contemporary style house?  I am very interested to know if you have any first hand discoveries that you could share with us?? There is nothing like living in a space to truly know it and understand it! It could be as simple as sheers are a must… ha, sheer curtains happen to be a  fav of mine in large abodes purely because they add so much grace and elegance.

Modern style houses usually have loads of excess space and from where I sit living in a munchkin sized post war home- in comparison- they are huuuuge and from a styling point of view they often need a little definition, character and warmth added back to avoid a stark-cold looking/ feeling space. Having said that and I am sure you would agree, one of the most- divine aspects to a modern home is their lack of clutter, their beautiful lines and feeling of space. Yes, I have major storage envy with all Modern Contemporary style houses!

What I am trying to reiterate to myself here is… add warmth in a way that does not go overboard. I think an understated approach is best and whilst not all of these ideas portray that in particular- less is definitely more baby ;-0!

 I am deliberately choosing inspiration pieces that I feel are achievable, affordable and attainable ideas mostly because it’s a realistic style of decorating for most of us. 

I am also interested in pieces that mix well with high end pieces!

I have to admit that I am a huge fan of wall art that can look high- end and also mix well with high- end without an excessive price tag!

Do you have any suggestions or know of any wall- art pieces that you feel could add to this collection??- do give me a shout as I would love to include it!

Happy weekend all!

Rachael xx

 I am back again- This list simply would not be complete without a Love star Vase. A super genius product and fabulous wall art. This gorgeous vase would  add warmth and detail to stark- walls! xx


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