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Welcome Pantone Colour of the Year 2017


Image via frenchbydesign

As some of you would already know, I’m a shameless lover of green.

It would therefore be no surprise to hear that, I’m excited that Greenery 15- 0343 TCX is the Pantone colour of the year for 2017. I love that Pantone has chosen a bright shade of unapologetic green. There is no hiding from this beautiful colour and here’s why I’ll particularly enjoy working with it this year;

  • Firstly, I love what the colour green stands for. In my heart of hearts, I believe it’s a hopeful shade as far as colours and psychology go. It’s one of those colours that has such a profound importance in our lives. Glance at the landscape around you and it’s not difficult to find examples of the wonder and positivity this colour brings into our lives. Using green in my work helps me to be both conscious and grateful of that!


  • Green is a hugely calming colour; its presence physically reminds us to pause and breath. When we see the colour green, our body memories recall the freedom of enjoying space, beautiful views and breathing in fresh air. Being a mum to two young boys, life gets hectic; decorating with colours that remind me to breath and be calm helps me a great deal.


  • Decorating with green plants at home creates an affordable high – end – look. Simply put a nice green plant in a basket or pot and average things suddenly look a whole lot better. You must try it! The fact that these green living organisms simultaneously purify our air so that we can breath is not lost on me either. Plants around the home really do create a sanctuary for us to relax. They even help us sleep better, hence why I particularly love decorating with plants in the bedroom. Pop a beautiful lamp on one side of the bed and a plant on the other and it will do wonders to make a bedroom look eye catching and loved.

That said, I understand that not everyone is a huge fan of this bright shade of green. So I thought I would show you some examples of it used well.  Enjoy and do let me know if I can convince you to use the colour green at your home in some way?

Photograph via

Choosing accent colours at home can be a difficult decision and commitment for many to make. When I get stuck with the big decor decisions, I look to nature as my guide because it never gets it wrong and rarely disappoints. As seen above, this bright coloured green used as a feature colour is bold, striking and powerful. Would you agree?

PHOTO: Courtesy of JJ Locations

I mentioned creating a sanctuary at home via lots of plants and greenery above. All you then need do is to switch of your phone, grab a book and hours of serenity would be found right here.

Image via TOLLENS

Red doors used to be a favourite of mine however I cannot ignore that this green door speaks to me in many different ways; I personally find it so welcoming and believe it would blend beautifully with any style landscape. Stay tuned…. I already have some plans for our home in Samford Valley.

Image via

Green is the most central colour of the colour – spectrum – wheel and because of this is considered a colour of balance. It is made from yellow and blue pigments therefore can blend warm and cool colours easily. Olive green being a very dark – yellow is a favourite of mine to help me mix and match my warm and cool tones.

Image via Bolia

Whilst this green shade above is not an overly bright shade of green… I threw this one in because it happens to be my favourite colour palate right now. How beautiful are these tones together??

Image via Elle Decor.

This AirBNB was designed and inspired around the 2017 pantone colour of the year. How does all that green make you feel? I’d love to know! Using greenery in this way is a bold move for an AirBNB to make. I really like that it shows that they sincerely want people to feel welcome, relaxed and to enjoy being in their home.

Image via Elle Decor