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Whimsical Wimbledon: Bespoke ‘Daisy’ Armchair by BESPOKE SOFA LONDON


Grass Chair by Bespoke Sofa London

I do love the British. Being a summer lover myself, I can relate to their national sense of joy and excitement at the arrival of a summer’s day when deprived of warmth, light and sunshine. In comparison, we do experience very mild winters here in Brisbane however it too makes me happy within my heart to experience those first feels of summer. There is a very tangible warmth and spring – like – buzz in the air that is infectious.

Having previously lived in London, that summer – fever sends the Brits gorgeously – mad and it’s not unusual to find them clad in their summer-holiday bikini’s off frolicking in the park. Winters are long in London therefore I totally get that summer is a high point of the year.

Another feverish event popular to Londoners in Summer is Wimbledon. Back in the late 90’s when I lived there, I went to Wimbledon with my late dad. I enjoy watching the tennis however I must confess my attendance was largely driven by a crush I had on Patrick Rafter. My dad being a lover of history and sport had other motivations.

Now let’s not judge my 25-year-old self too harshly but I was convinced, that Patrick Rafter would glance my way into the crowd and fall madly and deeply in love with me. And for a brief minute, I may have convinced my dad of this also. Bewitched by a British pint or two, I could be a Chatty Cathy and a persuasive one too! Unbeknownst to my dad, Pat’s most – likely – amused – girlfriend and now wife Lara was sitting directly in front of me. Yes, she would have heard it all. So whilst the sad truth is Patrick did not fall in love with me. I can report that he did glance lovingly in my direction and that, along with attending Wimbledon with my dad was enough ♥.

Pat Rafter heartbreak aside, sniff sniff and in celebration of Wimbledon and all things summery and whimsical, I thought I’d share this Wimbledon inspired chair by Bespoke Sofa London. This wonderful Princess Anne armchair has been upholstered in artificial grass with a rich – green appearance that is classic yet beautifully playful.

Sporting scrolled arms with a super high back; the bespoke design features decorative daisy detailing in a button back style and is filled with foam and feathers. Its solid beech wood frame has been delicately carved by hand, its Queen Anne legs coloured with a Jacobean stain.

They’re tailor made to a customised height to ensure each piece caters for each individual client. You can find more about these divine coloured green chairs here.